Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Layout Design Process with Heather Binnie

Heather Binnie is up today with a tutorial featuring our September Creative Kit!


Hello everyone!

Here are my instructions/tips/techniques for September's pages from My Creative Scrapbook.

Back 2 School Today:

I chose a neutral background to match skin tone making the colors of the clothing pop more.

I cut down the pink tack paper to around 11x11 and then cut out the inside. This is easy to do because the other side of the paper is a graph with nice, straight lines.

I kind of arranged everything how I thought I wanted it before I sewed it down. I first inked up the edges of the paper and then used my sewing machine. I ripped and bent the pages around the sewing.

I arranged and inked up the edges of the background mats. I sometimes like to use the tear off sheet of the paper which I did in this case. I left "creative agenda" in the design.

I added "8" and "5" stickers to the corners of the photos to indicate which grade my kids were going into this year.

I decided to use part of the graph I had just cut out. I used a paper punch to make the edge.

and then I used distress ink and a dauber to rough up the edges.

After sticking down the photos, I added stickers here and there and arranged my title as shown.


This was an easy page.

The photo was already printed in a sepia kind of tone. I cut each square 2.5x2.5 inches and inked each edge with a brown instead of a black to match the color of the photo.

I measured in from the top and left of background about an inch and made a pencil line so I could keep my squares straight.

Of course, it never always works out that way, so the little tiny ripped blue dot not only helps ground the picture, but it also covers over part of the squares that didn't match up perfectly.

For the title, I started the "B" right under the strawberry my daughter is holding. After setting that up, I went backwards for "straw" and added the "w" to the edge of the "B".

I poked a hole in the flower with a paper piercer and added a brad.

To make the visual triangle, I used the pink "straw" and the other two pink stickers.

Good Morning:

I never feel like a project is complete without some sort of paint or messy material thrown on it.

 The first thing I did was to paint the background a bright blue.

After the paint drys (OK, not really. I rarely wait for the paint to dry), I added the photo to the mat, rounded the corners and inked the edges. As I usually do, I tape the long edges of the mat so I can add a removable tag behind the photo for journaling. Staple a ribbon to the card.

 I used some scrap pieces to add this little cluster at the top corner. It doesn't show here, but I did use a paper piercer on the flower to add a brad as the center.

The page seemed like it still needed something, so I played off the "Good Morning" title and made some additional sun bursts. I just cut them out by hand with scissors.

And here is the biggest tip of all...Spray ink the paper before you cut them out. *sigh*. I had the great idea of misting them with glimmer ink but not until I had already cut them out.

After gluing the pieces on around the top of the frame, I pulled out a bottle of Stickles and added glitter to the title, the buttons and then made little dots of glitter around the page.

School starts tomorrow:

Each year on the last day of summer vacation, we go out to breakfast to celebrate. Usually the kids want to go to Wafflehouse (which btw, I think my daughter plans on having her wedding there) but this particular year they chose Ihop.

The pictures were really, really busy and not that good so I didn't want to add too much patterned paper to the background. I decided to emphasize the title.

I ripped off the "s" on "Days" so it was just "Day". I arranged my photos as show, and the taped them down. I very carefully moved the title around until it was just how I wanted it. I never stick the alpha stickers all the way down when deciding on title placement. Sometimes I use wax paper to temporary hold the stickers while I move them around, but after years of making sticker titles, I don't bother doing that anymore. If a sticker rips while I'm moving things around, I don't worry about it. I just think it adds character. ;)

I added other stickers to help move the eye around on the page. I really like those tack stickers.

To add just a little more detail, I used a white pen to add dots to the black font and then I used a black pen to add little dots around some of the photos.

Again, I taped down the yellow piece on the bottom on the long ends so I could add a removable tag for journaling. Staple a ribbon to the card.

That's it! Thank you everyone.


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Here's the September Creative Kit:

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Step by Step Layout Tutorial by Nicole Doiron

Nicole Doiron is up today with a step by step layout tutorial featuring our September Main Kit!


This month I have decided to share with you step-by-step instructions on how I created my 'Live It Up' layout with the Main kit featuring the lovely My Mind's Eye Jubilee Mint Julep collection.

I chose the "Journey" Fields paper as my background paper.

I added a 11 1/4 x 9 1/2 piece of the striped side of the "Wild" Ampersand Foiled paper.

I fussy cut 7 doilies from the "Beautiful" Doily paper and cut them in half.

I added 2 3D foam square on the back of each doily.

I stuck the doilies along the left edge of my background in a vertical line.

You can see below the added dimension that the 3D foam squares add to each piece.

I then placed a 7 1/2 x 4 piece of peachy side of the "Ride" Bike paper.

Next, I added my mat, cut out of white cardstock, 6 1/2 x 4 1/2.

It was then time to add the picture.
(sorry for the camera flash!)

I took out the gold frame chipboard piece...

And cut the top and bottom edges off (saving the other pieces for another project).

I slipped each piece of the frame behind my picture.
And then added the title, including the word 'Enjoy'
which I fussy cut from the "Journey" Adventure paper.

Here is a close-up of the title

I then added a few of the die-cut elements from the Mixed Bag.

I decided to add another half-doily, this time in the upper right corner
along with a black flag and gold chipboard photo corner that I used as arrows.

Next, I took apart the aqua colored rose and added each piece to my layout
along with a few other die-cut pieces.

I created more flowers using a flower punch, a circle punch for the centers and cardstock.

I added little punched hearts to the back of the scooter.

Then it was time for the finishing touch... the stitching.
I started off by piercing holes using a ruler and a paper piercer along the top edge of each doily.

I then added the stitches with black embroidery floss.

Here is my finished layout, as seen in the DT Gallery.

Hope you like it!


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Here's the September Main Kit:

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Step by Step Layout Tutorial by Sandi Clarkson

Sandi Clarkson is up today with a step by step layout tutorial featuring our September Limited Edition Kit!


Hello, My Creative Scrapbook fans!
 Sandi here with you today to share a Build a Page on one of my pages this month using the Limited Edition Kit. 

This was one of my favorite layouts although Primary colors are not my usual palette nor were they truly intended for this collection, I don't think.  Just goes to show you how versatile things can actually be! 

As I went through my Limited Edition Kit contents I was struck by this quote about Family and knew instantly that I had to use it as a page element .. as a whole. It speaks volumes, doesn't it?  Apparently I was not alone in thinking that as most of the designers used it. 

I was also really, really wanting to scrap this sweet photo of my twin grandsons, Bobby and Danny with their sweet blue umbrella and bright blue shirts that matched. The photo was taken by an older sibling, so not the best quality but I adore it! I tried converting my photo to b/w, sepia or even antique or other filters and it just wasn't quite the same. I really like the bright blue which is so unlike me. So, I had to cover that teal ribbon at the top of the page, color it, ignore it or something. Lots of people mix and match their blues but that's hard for me. 

So, problem solved! 

A little punch work and that makes it even better! I also re-printed my photos and made them smaller and printed 2 of them. Small is trendy, 2 is trendy. That works perfectly with Danny and Bobby being twins! 

After getting some idea where I wanted to place my photos and embellies, I did some stenciling with molding paster to the right lower corner. Prior to that I had primed with Clear Gesso. 

A little misting applied with a moist baby wipe and Prima's Bloom Spray in Cobalt.  I use baby wipes for both adding and subtracting color. 

Next, I added more depth and dimension with some of my favorite stamps. 

Then I started layering strips of paper and the back side of a note card (red polka dot) as well as the first flower and photo. I've used foam tape behind my photos for the sake of time .. goes a little faster.  I think I used 4 layers of tape on photo #1 and about about 8 layers on photo #2.  Crazy but fun! 

Onto another layer of flowers and photo #2 as well as some secondary embellishments. This kit is full of parts and pieces to add here and there.  

In the completed page, you can see that I've added some underlining beneath the word "family" and "wonderful" in the fabulous quote to really make the heart of the sentiment stand out. I tucked some Spanish Moss from my craft stash in under my flowers to coordinate with the bird theme from the bottom left. I little tweaking, gesso-ing and it was done!

 Something  a little different from me but I really like the outcome! And enjoyed finding a way around the color dilemma! 


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Here's the September Limited Edition Kit:

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