Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Sneak Peeks!

It's time for our October sneak peeks!

We have been so anxious for you to see the kits that are coming your way this month.

Get ready for FALL!

Pam has once again put together a fantastic set of kits that are going to SELL OUT QUICKLY, so if you've been thinking of subscribing, now is the time to hurry over to our website to reserve your kits.

Have a little look at our October Main kit:
(as always, you can click on the photo to make it larger)

and because we know you want to see more... here are a few Main kit layouts:

by Brenda Cazes

by Elizabeth Hellum

by Stephanie Buice


Next, check out our October Creative kit:

 and here are a few Creative kit layouts:

by Kristin Greenwood

by Joan Bronson

by Alicia Giess


Next, feast your eyes on our October Limited Edition Kit:

and check out a few layouts that the girls made with the Limited Edition kit:

by Nicole Doiron

by Kris Berc

by Marilyn Rivera


Last but not least, take a peek at our October Album kit:


WOW, right?!

Don't forget to reserve your kits while supplies last!

*** See you for the full reveal on the 5th! ***

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Countdown to World Card Making Day

Saturday, October 4th, is World Card Making Day!

How fun to have a day dedicated to celebrating making cards, and just in time to get started with holiday card making.

Many of us will be making at least a card or two on Saturday... How about you, will you be making some cards?

Last month, My Creative Scrapbook designer Marta Lapkowska created several amazing cards with our September Limited Edition kit. We thought we'd share them with you here to inspire you for World Card Making Day!

We hope these beautiful cards will inspire you to create some cards of your own on Saturday for World Card Making Day!

By the way, tomorrow is the 1st... SNEAKS will be here!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips and Techniques by Joan Bronson

Joan Bronson is featuring our September Creative Kit today with a look into her design process!


Hello Fellow Scrappers!
Today I wanted to share with you a couple tips to aid you in scrap lifting my layouts using the September Creative kit.  As you well know - I like to use my kit up! Here is a photo of my left overs this month.
(sorry for the less than wonderful photos - with three small boys I tend to do most of my scrapping at night. It doesn't make for the best photos!). Here is a layout I was pretty creative with:
The first thing to share is how I make my kit last so long. I started by only using enough background paper I needed.
See how rather than cutting an entire rectangle I only cut part of it. Since the rest was covered I really didn't need to have the entire rectangle. I also waited until I was about finished with all my layouts to cut my circles. I made my decision on what papers to use for my circles based on what papers I had left. Lastly, I hope you like my borders at the top and bottom of the page. Check out your sticker sheet and you will find a triangle border and a bubble border. I decided to cut them out for this layout. The triangles took a little time but the bubbles at the bottom were super easy. I just cut around the bubbles. For the triangles, I first cut out the entire border from the sticker sheet (with the backing still attached). Then I cut out each triangle and laid them out on my layout as I thought I'd like them to end up. I added some pop dots to the back of some triangles (after exposing the sticky back). I admit I pulled up and restuck several triangles in order to get them just the way I wanted but I love the final look so I'm okay with the bit of work it took. Some pages just deserve a little extra work.
One more thing I really want to share with you is how I made the beautiful flowers in our kit pink! I got out my Gelatos again this month - this time to color my flowers. Here is the layout I used my pink flowers on.
First, I grabbed my craft mat, a little water (should have had it in a dish but didn't have one handy so I just dropped a little on my mat). I also grabbed the paint brush that came with my Gelatos, a pink Gelatos and of course my flowers.
I started by scribbling some Gelato on my craft mat, then I dipped my paint brush in a little water and then in the scribbled Gelato. Separate each petal of the flower and color it individually. I had to dip my brush in water and Gelato several times to complete each flower but over all coloring the flowers didn't take that much time and was fun.
When I was finished I grabbed my heat gun and sped up the drying process as I was so excited to get the flowers on my layout. Aren't they beautiful?
As a kit club member and scrap lifer for several years before joining the design team I know that sometimes designers do little things you want to copy but wonder how to do it (I still think that about the beautiful designs in the Limited Edition kit) Please feel free to visit my blog and leave me a message any time you wonder how I did something or have a comment. I'd love to have you visit. My blog: Thanks and have fun scrapping!


You can see more of Joan's beautiful work in our Design Team Gallery!

Here's the September Creative Kit:

We invite you to join us and experience the possibilities that our coordinated monthly kits offer. To purchase a kit, please visit our website, here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

10 Techniques You Can Use on Every Layout by Lydell Quin

Lydell Quin is featuring our September Main Kit today with lots of fun techniques that you can use on every layout!


This Month I thought I would share some tips from the productions of this months series of Projects using the September Main Kit from My Creative Scrapbook!

 So lets jump right in.....

#1.  Handwrite a title, and cut it out.

I just used a Calligraphy pen with the flat chisel tip and then fussy cut it out leaving a small white space between.  Not difficult, but it takes a little time.  Add some sticker words and some chip alphas and you have an interesting title!

#2. Place your stickers and alphas on plastic

 I just used an empty cellophane bag.  Just hold it over your Project so you can find the right placement without pulling off individual letters a million times trying to find where it looks best!!! (and risk tearing your Paper)

#3. Make your own chevrons

I just cut a rectangle of patterned paper (with a small print)  Cut a snip in the centre of the bottom, and  cut from the corners into the centre snip to cut out two small triangles.  (Keep these they are great for arrows pointing to a focal point on your project)  Now cut an angle into that same centre point from the outside in, about 1/2 inch wide, making your first chevron piece.  Keep your eye on cutting evenly.  do the next and the next in the same manner.  Snip the top triangles off the top creating the last chevron....
You can mark the back if you like, but I like doing these fast, so I just eyeball it!

#4.  Layer die cuts

I am always looking for ways to layer die cuts.  The one above was easy.  It needed a backing to slide easily into my Project life sleeve.  But die cuts can looks so very sweet layered on top of each other.

#5.  Add stencilling in the background

This is a really simple way to add depth.  I chose a coordinating colour (green on green)  Just to add a slight pattern, and I layered several stencils.  Use a foam blending tool for a smooth and even finish.  

#6. Use Layered String

Pull off a length of string to create a frame for your focal point. Its really effective, creating a lovely soft framed look, rather than bold framing a solid frame would give.  Play with coloured strings and cottons too.

#7.  Overlap heavy chipboard alphas

Some alphas have large serifs, or long tails or tops which prevent them from sitting really close together.  Sometimes you can layer a letter on top of another to keep the kerning even (the spacing between the letters) Like the letter 'g' above.  He is actually sitting on top of the 'u' and the 'h'.  This can be difficult to secure, so I just ran it through my sewing machine.  It works perfectly in my paper machine (one reserved for crafting) Just go slowly, but you shouldn't have trouble.

#8. Try some variations of Journalling Styles

Draw wonky lines and write directly on them for an imperfect uneven style.  It still looks neat surprisingly, and can look better than trying for a perfectly aligned journalling block, and not fitting words in well.

Strip Journalling- Cut thin strips of card stock, and write on them.  Glue them on in the formation you want.
OR cut the strips into individual words and make a strip of word journalling either in a long line, around a photo or the entire page, or even just one on top of the other down the page.

Use a bullet point style.  No need to think about flowing journalling, or the perfect vocab and grammar!

#9.  Use two photos the same

This can look really interesting, and add to the design without taking away from the focal photo.  
(the other photo IS the focal photo!!!)

I played with this several times this month.  I created a collage of 4 photos on a 6x4 in Fuzel on my i-phone and then printed it out twice, so I had several cute pictures in multiples.

(App- Fuzel- I believe its free but you can buy add ons with in the app.  My collage used 4 photos and I just made the ratio 2:3 for printing as a horizontal 6x4 Print)

You can even use more than two, to create a 'stacked' feel.  Love this look!

#10.  Add Paint splatters

I use paint and ink splatters all the time.  Mostly because I love it, but when you design for a paint Company, you have loads of paint you need to use!!!!  I love the look the irregular and uneven splashes give on a page or project.  Try different colours, but black and white looks great too!  You can use mists if you have those (just take the lid off and flick the tube inside over your page)  Or mix a watery mix of water colour on an acrylic block  (or a palette) and flick that over your page.  

You can even use water based markers or distress inks.  Colour or press the colour on an acrylic block and spritz with water until it beads.  Soak your paintbrush in it and flick it over your page.

REMEMBER if you are doing this last, cover your photos with a scrap piece of paper.

For my drips and splashes I love using my copperplate dip nib calligraphy pen in India ink.  It creates really nice splatters, that are a little more 'controlled'.

So that's it from me today....  
Hope that list gave you some ideas for your next project!

Thanks for stopping in today!


You can see more of Lydell's beautiful work in our Design Team Gallery!

Here's the September Main Kit:

We invite you to join us and experience the possibilities that our coordinated monthly kits offer. To purchase a kit, please visit our website, here.